Historic Map - Hamburg, PA - 1889

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View of Hamburg, Berks County, P.A., 1889 / drawn & published by T. M. Fowler & F. P. Henry.

This aero-view print of Hamburg, Pennsylvania was drawn by Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler and published by T. M. Fowler & F. P. Henry in 1889. Hamburg was established in the late 1700's along the Schuylkill River. A popular turnpike from Reading to Pottsville crossed through town in the early 1800s. A canal was dug along the east bank of the river in the early 1800's and Hamburg prospered as a boat building community during the canal’s era. Hamburg was incorporated in 1837. Railroads were added in the 1840's.

Hamburg’s early industries included leather tanning, hat making, manufacture of chains, nails and all kinds of tools, whiskey distilling and beer brewing. Telephones were first offered in Hamburg in 1881. In 1889, a Board of Trade was formed and the Windsor Water Company was organized. The water company constructed a million gallon reservoir at the base of Blue Mountain to serve Hamburg.

The map from 1889 includes labeled streets, buildings, bridges and railroad lines. It features inset illustrations of the following:

• W. W. Appel.
• Photographic Studio, Jewelry Store & Residence of W. Wm. Appel.
• The Miller Organ. For sale by W. H. Grim.
• Store & Residence of W. H. Grim. Dealer in Musical Instruments & Sewing Machines.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Public Schools.
  2. Union Engine House & Town Hall.
  3. Opera House.
  4. Pennsylvania R. R. Station.
  5. Company E – 4th Reg. Armory.
  6. Reading R. R. Station.
  7. American House. D. H. Fink.
  8. National Hotel. Daniel Stoyer.
  9. Lutheran & Reformed Church.
10. Methodist Episcopal Church.
11. Evangelical Church.
12. Emanuel Church.
13. Roman Catholic Church.
14. Hamburg Shoe Manufacturing Co.
15. Hamburg Plow Works.
16. Hamburg Engine & Boiler Works.
17. Hamburg Handle Works.
18. Henry Seivert’s Foundry.
19. Walter’s Grist Mill.
20. J. W. Heinly’s Bottling Works.
21. Wm. A. Scott’s Carriage Works.
22. Charles A. Tobias’ Brick Yard.

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