Historic Map - Michigan City, IN - 1869 - A. Ruger

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Bird's eye view of Michigan City, La Porte County, Indiana 1869. Drawn by A. Ruger.

Historic reprint map of Michigan City, Indiana, published 1869.  Land for the city was first purchased in 1830 by Isaac C. Elston, and the city was incorporated in 1836, a town that already contained 1500 residents.

This map was published the same year that one of the town's most notable citizens, John H. Barker, took over his father's interest in the railroad car company Haskell & Barker Car Company (referenced on the map). The company later merged with the Pullman Car Company and became the Pullman-Standard Car Company. John H. Barker was to become a highly successful businessman and a great philanthropist to the city, contributing substantially to the library and several other civic buildings, including the Y. M. C. A., St. Anthony Hospital, Trinity Episcopal Church, Barker Hall and the bandstand in Washington Park.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Public School
  2. Lutheran School
  3. Catholic School
  4. State Prison
  5. R. R. Depot
  6. M. C. R. R. Machine Shop
  7. N. A. & S. Machine Shop
  8. Cemetary
  9. Light House


10. Congregational Church
11. Episcopal Church
12. Lutheran Church
13. Methodist Church
14. German Methodist Church
15. Catholic Church