Historic Map - Waterbury, CT - 1917

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View of Waterbury, Conn. 1917.

Reproduction map of the community known as Waterbury, CT, by T. M. Fowler, published by Hughes & Fowler in 1917. The city of Waterbury lies along the banks of the Naugatuck River. The land, once considered non-arable by settlers, became prime real estate for industries of many sorts in the 1800's. Known as "Brass City", Waterbury had several industrial interests. They began manufacturing brass using a technology borrowed from the British, and lured skilled craftsmen from overseas to use their talents in town. The Waterbury Clock Company buildings were constructed in 1857. By 1900, the company employed 3,000 workers and was producing 20,000 clocks and watches per day. They would later produce the "Mickey Mouse" watch, and today, after trading hands and with name changes, the Waterbury Clock Co. is known as Timex Group USA. The Apothecary Building, built in 1893 at the corner of South Main and Bank Streets, would soon become the hub of Exchange Place. The elite Hotel Elton opened in 1905 introducing its "Ideal Tour" to cater to the new automobile tourists. The Union Station Clocktower was built in 1909 and modeled after the Torre del Mangia located in the Palazzo Publico of Siena, Italy. The clocktower stands at 240 feet with a clock made by Seth Thomas Co. In 1915, the new City Hall building was erected on Grand Avenue. Waterbury was all abuzz in 1917 as locals Mr. & Mrs. Irving Chase's daughter wed President Taft's son Charles.

The map features top border illustrations of City Hall, Court House, Post Office, Waterbury American, Colonial Trust Co., Hampson-Mintie & Abbott, Inc., The Elton, Citizens National Bank, The Reid & Hughes Dry Goods Co., Boston Furniture Co. of Waterbury, The Mattatuck Press, Inc., Bronson Library and Crosby High School. Bottom illustrations are of The A. F. Taylor Co., The F. H. Perry & Sons Co., John Moriarty's Building, The Tracy Brothers Co., Waterbury Clock Co., American Ring Co., The Plume & Atwood Mfg. Co., Waterbury Rolling Mills, Inc., The Blake & Johnson Co., Lane Mfg. Co., The Waterbury Battery Co., The Hellmann Brewing Co., Standard Engineering Co., Inc., K. Ch. Kazemekas' Buildings, Waterbury Brass & Bronze Co. and The Ziglatzki-Marks Co. 

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Features references to the following locations:

American Brass Co., The. Mfrs. Brass, Copper and German Sil. Gen. Offices. 414 Meadow St.
American Ring Co. Mfrs. of Artistic and other Metal Goods. 531 Bank St.
American Laundry, Inc. 543-545 Bank St.
Baroman, George A. Real Estate Bought, Sold and Exchanged. 95 Bank St.
Beardsley, H. L. Real Estate, Loans, Fire Insurance. 36 N. Main St.
Blake & Johnson Company, The. Rivets, Machinery, Piano Hardware, etc. Mfg. Div. 1495 Thomaston Ave. Mach'ry Div. 173 N. Elm St.
Blakeslee, Ralph N. Co., The. Trucking and Storage. 192-206 Meadow St.
Brass City Printery, The. Prints most anything. Joseph De Pietro, Prop. 108 Bank St.
Carney Optical Shop. Lowest Optical Prices in the City. 95 Bank St.
Chapin, C. F. Ed. Waterbury American Res. 35 Fairview Ct.
Chase, I. & Son. Millinery. 38-40 Bank St.
Citizens National Bank. H. A. Hoadley, Cashier. Cor. Center Square and N. Main St.
Clark, F. T. All kinds of Insurance, Real Estate. Specializing Automobile Ins. 108 Bank St.
Colby- Sherwood Shoe Co. Sorosis Shoes, Elite Shoes. 114 S. Main St.
Colonial Trust Co., The. Banking and Trust. 81 West Main St.
Draher, John. Machinist. 70 N. Elm St.
Fitzsimmons, Luke, Rev. Pastor Church of the Immaculate Conception. 97 E. Main St.
Flege, Miss M. B. Stenographer. 115 W. Main St.
Flint, Dutee W. Automobiles, Ford Ag'cy. R. E. Hiller, Mgr. Cor. Grand and Leavenworth Sts.
Foley Press. Printing of Quality. 42 Bank St.
Gaffney, John W. & Son. Building Contractors, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Building Materials. 427 E. Main St.
General Manufacturing Co., The. Rivets, Studs and Machine Screws. 66 Elm St.
Gleeson, Jos. M., Rev. Rector St. Patrick's Church. 50 Charles St.
Hall, W. L. Co., The. Wholesale Grocers, Fruit and Produce. Commercial St.
Hampson-Mintie & Abbott, Inc. Furniture, Rugs and Ranges. 99 W. Main St.
Hellmann Brewing Co., The. Lager Beer, Ale and Porter Brews. Hygeia Ice. 1090 Bank St.
Henderson Brothers. Mfrs. of Tumbling Barrels. 133 S. Leonard St.
Horan, John J. Real Estate, Insurance, Loans. 36 N. Main St.
Hynes, James A. & Son, Inc. Gen. Insurance, Real Estate, Notary Public. 43 E. Main St.
Johnson, C. E. Co., The, Inc. Painting and Decorating. 235 N. Main St.
Kazemekas, K. Ch. Banker, Insurance, Real Estate and Notary Public. Agt. best lines Steamship Tickets. Money sent to all Countries. 797 Bank St.
Lawlor, F. W. Real Estate and Insurance. 43 E. Main St.
Manville, E. J. Machine Co. Cold Bolt Making Machinery. M. H. Brennan Pres. and Mgr. 574 E. Main St.
Marendaz Steamship & Tourist Ag'cy. Fire Insurance, Notary Public. 34 N. Main St.
Mario, M. Real Estate. Room 5 Brown Bldg. 26 E. Main, 19 South Main St.
Mattatuck Press, The, Inc. Stationers, Printers, Binders, Wholesale Paper, School and Office Supplies. 59 Grand St.
Mulville, J. H. Funeral Director. 110 E. Main St. Res. 439 E. Main St.
Neagle, Jos. A. Attorney at Law. Chase Bldg. Cor. Bank and Harrison Sts.
New England Development Co., The. Wm. H. Moffitt, Pres. 26 E. Main St.
New England Engineering Co., The. Electrical Supplies and Construction. 31 W. Main St.
Nuhn & Nuhn. Real Estate and General Insurance. 50 Bank St.
O'Brien, Edward M. Post Master. 135 Grand St. Lawyer. 95 Bank St.
Perry, F. N. & Sons Co., The. Props. City Steam Laundry and Dye Works and Waterbury Steam Carpet Beating Co. Office and Works. 41-47 Jefferson St.
Plume & Atwood Mfg. Co., The. Mfrs. of Brass and Brass Goods. 470 Bank St.
Redmond, Carlton S. Buying, Selling, Leasing. Waterbury Real Estate. Lilley Building. 111 W. Main St.
Reed's Park Stationery and Circulating Library. 48 N. Main St.
Reid & Hughes Dry Goods Co., The. Importers and Retailers. 132-140 Bank St.
Root & Boyd. Insurance Underwriters. Founded 1853.
Russell, M. D. City Comptroller. City Hall. 235 Grand St.
Segur, Hollis D. All kinds of Insurance. Gen. Agt., The Travelers Ins. Co. of Hartford. Apothecaries Hall Bldg. 63 Bank St.
Sheehan, John J. General Real Estate Broker. Income Property bought, sold and exchanged. 109 Bank St.
Smith, H. M. Real Estate, Insurance and Loans. Specializing Automobile Ins. 108 Bank St.
Standard Engineering Co., Inc. Electrical, Construction and Equipment. Burrall Court, rear 26 Center St.
Steele, H. M. Vice Pres. Waterbury Brass Branch American Brass Co.
Stone, F. A. Com. Photographer. 32 Park Pl.
Sturdy Oak Cigar Co. Mfrs of High Grade Cigars. Chas. J. Schlitt, Prop. 444 Meadow St.
Taylor, A. F. Co., The. Decorators and Furnishers. 43 Center St.
Thorill, Ernest J. Merchant Tailor. Cottage Place, Boy's Club Building
Tilden, A. J. Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. Odd Fellows Bdg. 36 North Main St.
Torkomian, Baron J. Real Estate, Bought, Sold and Exchanged. 109 Bank St.
Tracy Brothers Co., The. Building Contractors and Building Supplies. 52 Benedict St.
United Electric Light and Power. 111 W. Main St. Lilley Bdg.
Upham, Geo. A. Builder. Cor. W. Main and Sperry Sts.
Waterbury American. 174 Grand St.
Waterbury Battery Co. Electric Batteries, Zincs and Supplies. 1036 S. Main St.
Waterbury Beobachter (weekly) Max R. Taschenberger, Publisher. 199 Bank St.
Waterbury Brass and Bronze Co., Inc. Brass, Bronze and Alum'n Castings. 660 E. Main St.
Waterbury Business College. H. C. Post, Principal. 108 Bank St.
Waterbury Foundry Co. Sash Weights, Medium and Low Grade Iron Castings. Porter St.
Waterbury Lumber & Coal Co. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber and Mason Supplies. 77-107 Meadow St.
Waterbury Storage Co. Real Estate and Storage. John Moriarty, Prop. 123-167 E. Main St.
White & Wells Co., The. Paper, Straw Boards, Paper Boxes. 214 Bank St.
Willetts & Miller Inc. Real Estate. The Abbott Bdg. 18 Abbott Ave.
Windsor Hotel. W. J. Allen, Prop. 28 Center St.
Ziglatzki-Marks Co., The. Wholesale and Retail. Wall Papers, Mouldings, Artists Materials, Window Glass. Painters, Archts. and Mfrs. Supplies. Brushes, cameras and Photo Goods. 110-116 S. Main St. Warehouse, rear 168 S. Main St.
Ziegler, E. F. Sanitary Plumbing. 628 Bank St.

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