Historic Map - Watertown, CT - 1918

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Aero view of Watertown, Connecticut. 1918.

Reproduction map of the community known as Watertown, CT, created and published by Hughes & Bailey in 1918. The area now known as Watertown belonged to the Paugasuck Indians prior to 1684, when it was purchased from them by Thomas Judd and thirty-five other proprietors. Watertown was founded there in the Central Naugatuck Valley mainly as a farming community. The town was incorporated in 1780. In the late 1800's Joseph Munson began the first dairy farm in town, supplying neighboring towns and cities with fresh milk products. Dairy farming became a huge part of Watertown's growth. During World War I, citizens campaigned hard for the war effort, bolstered by local officials and the new Sarah Whitman Trumbull Chapter of the DAR.

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, automobile and pedestrian traffic. It features inset illustrations of the High School, First Congregational Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Watertown Trust Co., Taft School, Methodist Episcopal Church, St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Fire Department Building, Sullivan's Pharmacy, On-The-Hill Health Resort, The H. K. H. Silk Company and Community Building. The map honors local Selectmen of 1918: M. E. Brahen, L. W. Dubois and H. T. Dayton; and Post Master: Edw. P. McGowan. 

Complete reference list below.

Features lettered references to the following locations:

A. Town Hall.
B. Post Office.
C. Public Library.
D. Taft School.
E. High School.
F. First Congregational Church.
G. Christ Episcopal Church.
H. Methodist Episcopal Church.
 I. St. John's Roman Catholic Church.
J. Community Building.
K. The H. K. H. Silk Company.
L. Hemingway & Bartlett Silk Co.
M. Watertown Trust Co.
N. Watertown Manufacturing Co.
O. J. B. Woolson Manufactory.
P. Watertown Lumber Co.
Q. Hitchcock Hardware Co. 
R. Sullivan's Pharmacy.
S. Randall, P. O. Drug Store.
T. On-the-Hill Sanitorium, Dr. C. W. Jackson.
U. Fire Dept. Building, H. A. Skilton, Chief Fire Dept.
V. R. V. Magee, Ins. and Real Estate.
W. Rowland's Ins. Agy.
X. H. A. Roeske, Florist.
Y. Grange Hall.
      Selectmen, 1918.
        M. E. Brahen,
        L. W. Dubois.
        H. T. Dayton.
      Post Master
        Edw. P. McGowan.

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