National Geographic World Physical Wall Map

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7.00 pounds
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The National Geographic World Physical wall map clearly depicts land and ocean features of the Earth. Landforms feature natural earth shading based on vegetation and landcover with terrain illustrated using gorgeous hand-drawn shaded relief. Ocean floor features are identified using detailed ocean bathymetric relief shading. This physical map of the world features standard National Geographic color palette and fonts with focus on topographic and bathymetric infromation. A richly detailed physical world map with thousands of place name labels identifying land forms and undersea features.

Map physical features include :

  • Bold easy to read National Geographic fonts.
  • Continents and major cities labeled.
  • Exceptional ocean floor and terrain detail.
  • Rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, mountain peaks, and deserts.
  • Major seas, bays, and straits. Major and minor islands. Geologic basins.
  • Ocean fracture zones, ridges, trenches, and basins.
  • Latitude/longitude lines.
  • Insets include: North & South polar regions, world tectonics with tectonic plate boundaries, and world climate zones.

A decorative world wall map to display in your home, office, classroom, or public lobby. The map is presented in a Winkel-Tripel Projection to minimize distortion of landmasses near the poles.

Available in four sizes, and in four finishing options including plain paper, laminated, laminated with wood rails, and a new repositionable peel and stick. See below for options.